• To enhance evidence- based programming, knowledge management, support learning and share good practices in addressing factors that lead to child trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.
  • To organize communities to prevent child trafficking and sexual exploitation by targeting at risk children, families and communities living with victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation across various hot spot areas.
  • To network and create partnerships with relevant state & non-state actors in order to protect survivors of trafficking through rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration services.
  • To provide medical support to victims including Counselling, Trauma, Mental and Psychiatry Services.
  • To build the capacity of MACT affiliates, service providers and other actors in addressing the needs of trafficked children and survivors of sexual exploitation
  • To influence change in or implementation of policies and laws that are representative and protective of the interest of victims of Trafficking and sexual exploitation; and also, that lead to prosecution of perpetrators of trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  • To raise resources that advance the objectives and organizational development of the Movement.
  • To support and offer economic empowerment to victims and their families.