This is an on-going activity that is being done together with youths who have formed soccer teams in Mathare. The Mathare Premier League has 30 teams they call “over” to connote over 16years and same number “under” for under 15years. Each team at least has the first and second 11s – which is the number of a complete team. However, there is a special branch for kids from as low as 5years with over 100 members. In essence by the time we rest our outreach initiative we shall have reached at least 600 children, their team leaders and parents. We have so far only purchased balls and trophies in readiness of completing the tournament in the next quarter.

Rather than hosting a one-off soccer tournament, we have agreed with you to do a tournament that runs up to the end of November 2018. In order to ensure that they are well motivated, and that the project achieves maximum impact, we agreed with them that balls, uniforms and the trophies will be given to the teams on the final day of the tournament towards the end of the tournament. In return, the participating teams to help in mobilizing their fan base to attend community conversations, and also to hold talks on child trafficking during the games. As a result, MACT has been able to conduct two very successful community conversations in Mathare during this reporting period. Hence reaching a total of 118 people in the slums of Mathare. This is usually difficult due to security issues in Mathare.

  • Carry out community conversation with opinion leaders on child trafficking in order to map out child trafficking in Nairobi &Busia that reaches 720 people
  • Legal aid to victims of child trafficking
  • Community-based awareness and report cases of child trafficking
  • Radio jingle