In line with Child Trafficking hereafter referred to as CT project objective to involve children in the fight against child trafficking and also in reaching out to the targeted communities, child friendly activities have been employed by MACT to rally the children in taking part in the awareness campaigns, which includes, and is not limited to sports, singing, dancing, programmed games and modelling.

It is in that backdrop that project CT envisaged an intensive child engaging activity as Miss Ghetto competition to fully rope in children in sensitization initiatives through participation in the aforesaid duel carrying counter trafficking messages to the host community.

This activity rallied several children in the area considered most vulnerable hotspot for child trafficking in Mathare slums surrounded by institutions of higher learning as KCA University, Utalii Hotel and College, Kenya School Monetary Studies and NYS Engineering School and numerous business premises within the larger constituency of Ruaraka.

Terryantes Modelling Agency has over 50 models who constantly hone their skills at the agency training grounds in Mathare 4A. There was need to pick the crème de la crème of the models to compete in the oncoming competition. These are the kids who were articulate, exuded confidence and were the best in moves in the agency despite their poverty index which is relatively high. Some also showed leadership skills and can thus influence their peers post the miss ghetto event.

The children were engaged in team building activities as is scheduled in the attachment overleaf. There was no better way of doing so other than the requisite activities in line with modelling that would include all the models at once. As we were also preparing to produce the posters for the publicity of the coming big fest, the children were taken for a photo shoot to enrich the quality of the posters. Other activities included games, football, jumping, running, hide and seek and swimming.

Mobilization was full force. We received guests from far and wide. Mathare leadership was around to welcome those who came from outside. Other than the Assistant Chief Isiah Awinda and plained cloth police sent by Mthaiga police station OCS, Utalii ward MCA Hon. Wilson Ochola was at the venue early to usher in our visitors. The children trooped in like army warms. There was registration of the first-in guests until the commotion could not allow such activity no more. Given the size of the crowd we could have fairly hit 2000pax on the day of miss ghetto. Over fifty percent were children.

Part of MACT staff, the agency and the ten finalists had a light lunch on the 29th December, 2018 at Choma Zone along Thika Road for MACT to specially congratulate the winners; and to boost their morale in the noble course they are embarking on of modelling and now the fight against Child Trafficking. A token of appreciation was given to them by MACT coordinator to build their confidence even more.