MACT has held 24 community conversations with CT actors in all hot spot communities and the porous border of Busia. We are continually receiving feedback from the impacts of the project as the rollout runs into the 2nd year of implementation.

There have been calls to arrest cases at the infamous Kiamaiko abattoir relating to child trafficking and abuse amidst bad influence of sabotage or intricacies spearheaded by the law enforcers and administration after they are bribed by the perpetrators. With joined efforts from the Consortium Partners especially the lead partner Anppcan have plans in the pipeline to unearth the rot at Kiamaiko pertaining child trafficking through media expose and raids.

General Views From Participants

  • Quick response from MACT on cases to be looked into.
  • Security of the reporter.
  • More interaction with the community to enhance reporting.
  • Advocacy for strict inter-border laws and regulation to reduce the influx at the porous borders of Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia and Ethiopia. Also the United Arab Emirates.


  1. Formation of a WhatsApp group for stakeholders within Kiamaiko area, Mathere constituency to enable timely reporting and speed up reaction from various players.
  2. Mooting a strategic swoop that will culminate into a landmark raid to scuttle the operations of the trafficking network. This is to be planned by the local people with the help of the Consortium lead by Anppcan.
  3. Train the chiefs and the police some more on child trafficking to make them children defenders and not protector of perpetrators.
  4. Mact social workers to visit the community randomly and often.