Board of Directors

This is the supreme body of the organization composed of qualified individuals, empowered to act as a policy-making and decision-making body governing the operations, management and affairs of MACT. There are 6 members of the board including the Coordinator, who is its ex-officio member. The board has the following members:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Member
  • Treasurer
  • Vice Treasurer


An experienced development activist working as Coordinator of the organization on full time basis.

Regional Heads

  • Western (Busia)
  • Nairobi
  • Coastal
  • North Rift

They are qualified and experienced development activists, with experience in social organization, Counselling, coordination and management of projects, child trafficking, child protection, counselling, Advocacy, among others. They are based at circle level, average one per two districts. Besides them, there are other members from multidisciplinary backgrounds, who are very actively contributing to MACT in these sectors. MACT has a purely decentralized set up, with the Regional Heads working independently at their level but reporting daily to the Coordinator.

General Body

It is the advisory wing of the organization, comprising of representatives of the Community Based Groups, Professionals and Community Resource Persons from the respective regions. The body meets once in a year. All major programme/activities are generated from the recommendations made by this forum.

Community-Based Volunteers

It is the body which is either prior to project or during the project implementation are contacted and chosen as a community volunteers for mobilization and support to the implementation of project. Prior to on-setting the project, Regional Heads and field demonstrators are usually carrying out preliminary visits to project areas and approach to these volunteers. These volunteers can be chiefs, elders, youth, women or the disabled groups of community.